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NAPALM Parameters



Dynamic Configuration Parameter

NetBox will use these credentials when authenticating to remote devices via the supported NAPALM integration, if installed. Both parameters are optional.


If SSH public key authentication has been set up on the remote device(s) for the system account under which NetBox runs, these parameters are not needed.


Dynamic Configuration Parameter

A dictionary of optional arguments to pass to NAPALM when instantiating a network driver. See the NAPALM documentation for a complete list of optional arguments. An example:

    'api_key': '472071a93b60a1bd1fafb401d9f8ef41',
    'port': 2222,

Some platforms (e.g. Cisco IOS) require an argument named secret to be passed in addition to the normal password. If desired, you can use the configured NAPALM_PASSWORD as the value for this argument:

NAPALM_USERNAME = 'username'
NAPALM_PASSWORD = 'MySecretPassword'
    'secret': NAPALM_PASSWORD,
    # Include any additional args here


Dynamic Configuration Parameter

Default: 30 seconds

The amount of time (in seconds) to wait for NAPALM to connect to a device.