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A contact represent an individual or group that has been associated with an object in NetBox for administrative reasons. For example, you might assign one or more operational contacts to each site. Contacts can be arranged within nested contact groups.

Each contact must include a name, which is unique to its parent group (if any). The following optional descriptors are also available:

  • Title

  • Phone

  • Email

  • Address

Contact Assignment

Each contact can be assigned to one or more objects, allowing for the efficient reuse of contact information. When assigning a contact to an object, the user may optionally specify a role and/or priority (primary, secondary, tertiary, or inactive) to better convey the nature of the contact's relationship to the assigned object.

The following models support the assignment of contacts:

  • circuits.Circuit

  • circuits.Provider

  • dcim.Device

  • dcim.Location

  • dcim.Manufacturer

  • dcim.PowerPanel

  • dcim.Rack

  • dcim.Region

  • dcim.Site

  • dcim.SiteGroup

  • tenancy.Tenant

  • virtualization.Cluster

  • virtualization.ClusterGroup

  • virtualization.VirtualMachine

Contact Groups

Contacts can be organized into arbitrary groups. These groups can be recursively nested for convenience. Each contact within a group must have a unique name, but other attributes can be repeated.

Contact Roles

Contacts can be organized by functional roles, which are fully customizable by the user. For example, you might create roles for administrative, operational, or emergency contacts.